Kachri Powder Kachri Powder Organically Grown Kaachri Powder Meat Tenderizer | Dried Kachri (काचरी पाउडर )

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Kachri is a wild variety of cucumber. That is why it is called wild cucumis pubsescens. Kachri is a protein rich fruit but mostly used as vegetable. It is found only in Desert soil, hot and arid (water stress regions) zone. It is real earth food. It is dried in sun after removing its skin. Dried kachari powder gives distinct and tangy taste to your food. Dry Kachari is blended to number of Indian spices like Meat masala, Chana masala, chat masala, meat tenderizer and with minced labm. In aurveda, it’s called Mrugakshi.

It has proteolytic enzymes which are very useful for protein digestion; reduce harmful acids and repair of your body.

There are two different dried n cut forms available of kachri.

Kokla:kachri (with skin) cut vertically into two parts are called kokla. It is used as vegetable slike kachri.

Chakla:kachri cut into slices are called chakla. Can be used in vegetable and snacks.

Facts & Benefits 

  • Kachari and Rajasthani Ber is used as a ritual ingredient for goddess laxmi pooja on diwali. Logic behind using it in pooja is that the new crop arrives in winter season.
  • Kachari powder is used as a meat tenderizer.
  • It is preserved in cold storage otherwise it get discolor.
  • Health Benefit from Kachari consumption due to proteolytic enzymes found in this.
  • constipation, cough and cold
  • Helps in Low quality meat digestion
  • Breaking Down stomach Acid
  • Repair of your body
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Prevent fungal candida
  • Clear bloating and flatulence issues
  • Auto immune system
  • Remove dangerous blood clots which can cause of cancer cells
  • Breaking trouble Protein 


  • Despite many benefits its excessively consumption in day to day may harm your digestion and other health side effects may occur.

Kitchen Use

  • Kachari ki Kadhi
  • Kachari ki chuaney
  • With/without skin kachari vegetable and pickles.
  • achri powder is mixed with sangri, pachkuta, raddish, gwar fali, moong badi and many other rajasthani vegetables to get the authentic taste.
  • It is flavor best in kachari chutni with red chili and garlic. Served in Dhabas restaurant 
  • to five start restaurant.
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